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Laser 'Acupuncture' and Laser Therapy in Fort Collins and Cheyenne

About Laser Therapy and Laser 'Acupuncture'

Light is a form of energy that has been essential to the health and development of nearly all forms of life on our planet. Plants harvest the energy of light to produce its own food. We humans need light in a variety of ways to maintain good health. Without proper amounts of sunlight we become deficient in vitamin D, lose bone strength, have less energy, and become depressed. Light certainly has a powerful effect on us all.

Learning how to harness this healing power of light has been a great goal for many people, and through years of research and development it's been discovered that certain types of light in certain amounts can have tremendous therapeutic effects on our bodies. Special lasers have been developed to deliver this therapeutic energy in a reliable and effective way. This relatively new technology is exciting because it both works very well and is entirely safe in competent hands.

There are currently two basic ways laser therapy is used: bathing soft tissue with the light to stimulate therapeutic responses; and stimulating acupuncture points with the laser light to promote therapeutic responses.

For soft tissue injuries like tendonitis, sprains, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc., the light is applied to the afflicted area. As the light interacts with the tissue, the cells respond to the therapeutic energy by releasing metabolic waste and absorbing nutrients more easily. Blood vessels open up and blood flow is increased to the area which further drains the injury, supplies nutrients, and promotes healing. Typically the inflammation subsides, pain is relieved, and healing is allowed to happen much more quickly, often twice as fast as normal.

Acupuncture is a form of medicine that has been developed and used in Asia for several thousand years, and though few American doctors understand how it works, it is still a basic mode of medicine in many counties that is becoming ever more prominent in American clinics.
Now that lasers can be used instead of needles, laser acupuncture is becoming even more appealing to a growing number of people.

It's been found that the lasers are not only painless but also have a more pronounced effect on the patient with fewer treatments. The high cost of the laser equipment, and the fact that it takes longer for the practitioner to administer the treatment, are the only reasons that more acupuncturists haven't yet switched to lasers.

By applying the lasers to special acupuncture sights on the body, a trained technician can facilitate certain beneficial responses. For smoking cessation this means helping the body release a family of chemicals known as endorphins. The endorphins produce a calming effect that relaxes a person, elevates your mood, and alleviates pain, among other benefits. The goal in this is to reduce the discomfort and cravings that people often have when they quit smoking. In clinical practice many recipients have reported that they have no withdrawal discomfort whatsoever and have lost their desire to smoke.

In programs for weight loss the treatments help to suppress the appetite, restore healthy hormonal balance, relieve stress, and ultimately improve the metabolism. This helps the body burn fat and calories more efficiently. Other benefits include a healthy stimulation of the circulatory system, digestive system, and endocrine system. Common effects from the treatments include feeling better energy, getting better sleep, enjoying a better mood, feeling more motivation and vitality, having fewer urges to overeat and more desire to eat in a healthy way, and feeling a profound relief from stress.

Laser therapy, while it has been successfully practiced in many countries like England, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland for nearly three decades, is still relatively unknown in the United States. In the Midwest very few physicians are familiar with it, yet a growing number of medical professionals across the country are beginning to use laser therapy in their hospitals and clinics and are recommending it as a safe way to address a variety of conditions, including smoking cessation and weight loss.

There is obvious resistance by pharmaceutical companies and other special interests who are threatened by the growing success of laser therapy. They have posted misleading statements on the internet and to the media in an attempted to discredit laser therapy and persuade people to use their drugs. This is very unfortunate, because many studies and decades of clinical experience indicate that laser therapy is safer than such drugs and more effective in helping people quit smoking, lose weight, and realize a variety of health benefits. In fact, there is not one single study ever conducted that indicates laser therapy is ineffective, nor is there any study that indicates laser therapy is less effective than Chantix or other quit smoking methods.
 Despite what the pharmaceutical lobbyists want you to believe, the fact is that clinical experience and all studies carried out so far indicate that laser therapy is more effective than Chantix, is safer, is a much more pleasant experience, and requires far less time.

As the technology of laser therapy continues to develop and expand it's exciting to know that such state of the art technology is available for you right now. If you want to be free from smoking or lose weight you can call Front Range Natural Health to learn more and get going.

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